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 Serving  Asian churches as they make disciples  and  equip leaders

About the 



The vision of Increase is to see

churches equipping all Christ’s followers in their contexts, so that many millions are disciplined and empowered for mission, ministry, and leadership.


The purpose of Increase is to connect and strengthen church-based training movements across Asia and beyond.

What we do


We have developed and collected many resources for members and partnering organisations. In our resources you can find the Diaspora Booklet, resources for Online and Blended Learning and more.

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TEE Asia

TEE traditionally stands for Theological Education by Extension, but is more easily understood as 'Tools to Equip and Empower'- tools for local churches to equip and empower all their members to grow in Christ and serve him actively.

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National Church based training organisations can become members of Increase. We currently have 29 members from all across Asia.

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What international Christian leaders say about Increase

The Increase network is strategic in ensuring continual development and a high level of excellence in TEE and other grass-roots training programmes.

Lindsay Brown,

International Director of the Lausanne Movement


“The Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together.” 


Missio Nexus

Be our Member to serve the churches and making disciples 



Each Core Member organisation names up to two representatives in their organisation to act as their link with Increase and participate in Increase decision-making.

Fellowship Members

Other organisations with a significant interest and affinity to church-based training movements, including organisations led and owned outside ‘greater Asia’. Each Fellowship Member organisation names a representative in their organisation to act as their link with Increase.

Individual Members

Individuals who have particular expertise in church-based training and related disciplines, which they use in support of Core Members and similar organisations

Friends of


Individual Christians who want to support or promote Increase’s work, but who do not meet all the membership criteria, may become Friends of Increase. They are not formal members but receive newsletters and are encouraged to contribute through prayer, time or donations.

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